Wholesale Cloth Face Masks | Imprinted Face Masks

Our masks are made in Los Angeles and Northern Mexico and ship from Los Angeles

Medical Grade & 3 Layer Cloth Protective Face Masks - Wholesale -Bulk - Imprinted

For more information or please e-mail us at: contact@cityofangelsppe.com or contact Chris Clawson, COO, at (424) 282-5220.


We continue to grow and expand our product offerings daily. We are making the most critical products available to those most in need. We have extremely competitive bulk pricing available for large orders of N95 & KN95 respirators, digital thermometers and other PPE. Our goal from the beginning has been to serve the community, not reap huge profits. We can deliver bulk orders without imprinting within 8 to 10 days. All additions to wholesale orders such as adding a logos or labeling will add additional time. Read More

Please see below for all available add-ons.


Printing and Add-Ons
Location of Manufacture Quantity Price Time to FOB Los Angeles
Los Angeles 500-1999 $3.00 3 Weeks
Los Angeles 2000-4999 $2.75 3 Weeks
Los Angeles 5000+ $2.50 3 Weeks
Location of Manufacture
Made in Mexico 500-1999 $2.75 Add 1 Week
Made in Mexico 2000-4999 $2.50 Add 1 Week
Made in Mexico 5000+ $2.25 Add 1 Week
Kids / Children's Small (3 to 6 Years) Included No Additional Time
Kids / Children Large (6 to 12 Years) Included No Additional Time
Womens / Unisex Included No Additional Time
Mens Regular Included No Additional Time
Mens Extra Large $.50 Each No Additional Time

Logo-Branding (Artwork Requirements)

Branded Mask
Screen Printing Additional Cost Additional Time to FOB
Up to 3 Colors $1.50 Each 1 Week additional time
Heat transfer, embroidery or more than 3 colors: Call or email for price
Ear Loops Included No Additional Time
Elastic Head Straps $.25 Each No Additional Time
Cotton (95%) Lycra (5%) - 7 to 10 oz. Included No Additional Time
Custom Fabric Call or email for price
Colors - Standard colors Included No Additional Time
Colors - Custom Call or email for price
Prints - Standard $.10 Each No Additional Time
Prints Custom Call or email for price
Digital Sign Off Included No Additional Time
Prototype delivery and Digital Sign Off $100.00 1 Week additional time
Individually packaged in safety labeled plastic bags $.10 Each 2 Days additional time
Retail Packaging Call or email for price and specification
No Label Included No Additional Time
Tear away care label $.10 Each No Additional Time
Branded Label Call or email for price and specification
All items FOB Los Angeles No Additional Time
Other Shipping or Delivery Methods Call or email for price

Accepted Payment Methods:

All Orders Must be Pre-Paid via one of the following methods:

  1. Cash
  2. Cashiers Check
  3. Money Order
  4. Wire Transfer
  5. ACH
  6. Venmo
  7. Zelle

Orders will be shipped or ready for FOB in 7 days from receipt of your payment.

Minimum order is 500 pc. of any style/size/color. Orders can be split for an additional cost.
Orders larger than 500 can be mixed and matched in 500 pc. quantities.


While City of Angels PPE is a newly formed company, the folks behind it have been in the garment industry for over 30 years. We are the manufacturers of the highly popular clothing label Joe & Elle and our CEO is none other than Larry Hansel, the founder of the Rampage Clothing Company. When COVID-19 first hit, all clothing manufacturing in Los Angeles stopped overnight. In an effort to keep our business alive and keep our employees working, we took immediate action and started a PPE and mask company. Our mission statement reflects our commitment to donate a mask to a charity or a family in need for each one we sell. We have donated thousands of our high quality, 3-layer masks to charities and people in need and continue to do so on a weekly basis.

Our quick action allowed us to get our manufacturing partners (and neighbors) up and running as fast as possible as we knew they had payroll obligations as well. In late March we began selling retail masks through internet channels such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy. This has allowed all of us to thrive even while most of the country has shut down.

In the last month alone, we have seen smaller mask vendors fall off as competition has increased and some of the chain stores have attempted to enter the market. During this time, we have increased not only our wholesale mask production but have added partners for everything to make a wholesale business successful. We are committed to bringing you the best possible product at the best possible price.

We have partnered with:

  • More manufacturers here in Los Angeles and in northern Mexico
  • Mask Designers in Los Angeles
  • Packaging Partners
  • Fulfilment Partners
  • Imprinting and Logo Design Companies
  • Fabric Manufacturers

This work has enabled us to become one of the largest wholesale mask – logo mask – and imprinted mask companies in the country. These partnerships allow us to deliver masks to you either in bulk, wholesale, or potentially white label. For more information, please fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you immediately.

Considering Buying Masks from Overseas?

When we first started selling masks on Amazon in late March of 2020, we placed an order for 100 masks from Wish and as of 06-15-2020 not 1 mask has been received from that order. Alibaba.com has a large selection of masks available with delivery times showing 60-90 days. Reports coming from other vendors is that those time frames are not accurate. The demand in the East is so high that masks are not making it to the US. With the current unpredictability of global supply chains, you simply cannot afford to take the risk that your bulk order from China will arrive in time.

Our process:


Our in-house team of designers purchases masks and talks with our clients to determine which sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics are to be used. We use an approach of comfort, breathability, style, and consumer interest.


Our masks are designed right here in our Los Angeles offices. We use CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) for our designs and our team is creating new designs daily. Each mask is made in several sizes and each size separate design specification.

Fabric Selection

Our buyers seek out what is available and what is the best choice to accompany our designs. We have found that the blend of 95% cotton and 5% lycra fabric is the most comfortable and has the best attributes for cloth masks.

Pattern Cutting

Production requires that a separate pattern be cut for each style we produce. We use the flat pattern cutting method to ensure accuracy.


We use a simple fabric like cotton-jersey to make test product and ensure that the patterns have been cut correctly so that the masks look and fit correctly.

Product Samples

Next, we create actual samples of the masks using the fabrics we acquired in the Fabric Selection stage. This allows us to test the masks ourselves and make sure they are comfortable and effective. If we are making custom masks for you, this is the point at which a prototype sample or a digital mockup will be sent to you for approval. If you are purchasing masks with logos, the artwork will be added and then sent to you for approval.

Final Section

At this stage we look at all the previous stages and see if anything needs to be improved.

Fabric Cutting

The acquired fabric and patterns are sent to our fabric cussing team and the cuts are made specifically for each design.


All cut fabric templates go to our sewing rooms and are hand stitched, piece by piece. The is a high level of quality control at all stages but particularly in the sewing stage to ensure absolute accuracy.

Your mask has now been produced is ready for any customizations to be added before shipping.

We also continue to build new partnerships with other domestic vendors for all of the above. If you have interest in working with us, please email us at contact@cityofangelsppe.com to get more information.